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A new home and extended family for Neos!

Neos Massage is proud to welcome its newest therapist, KrisAnn! She will be available on Tuesdays for CranioSacral Therapy sessions. In addition to this, Neos has a new home to accomodate the growth of our services. The new address is 2824 Windguard Circle Suite 102, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544. Please contact us by phone or online if you need help finding the new location.

Neos Massage: Featured in A Lighter Side to Cancer

Sandra Miniere, a personal life coach, has won the battle against breast cancer and chose natural alternative therapies to overcome it. A Lighter Side to Cancer shares her uplifting story and offers life-saving information by 27 experts in the fields of body-mind-spirit wellness. It also includes stories by 12 cancer patients who participated in thier own healing and accomplished successful results. Molly Snow is honored to be featured as one of the experts in her book. Sandra will be launching her book October 11th, 2012 on Amazon. More highlights will be posted soon, announcing coming events pertaining to this enlightening story.

Nightmares and Melatonin, cont.

So the second reason possibly, for the nightmares would be the brand of Melatonin you are taking. Not all brands are created equal. You need a pure brand of Melatonin. Try different ones and if all else fails, find a natural, integrative or holistic Dr. Chances are they will be selling something of higher quality. Or you can call Ortho Molecular or Xymogen companies; these are the brands Dr.’s sell. They can let you know what Dr. is in your area. And remember, less is more when it comes to Melatonin…. Get the right dosage and brand and you’re off to sleeping!

Back to Sleep Topic, Melatonin and Nightmares

If you’ve taken Melatonin and had vivid nightmares, there are possibly one of two reasons why: 1. Your dosage could be too high. Even a 1/2 of a milligram works sometimes; less is more. My natural doctor told me that you don’t want to go above 6 mg. She also said the side effect of too much melatonin is wakefullness, so that’s also a clue. (Number 2. coming)

Breaking News About Autism:

Turning from the posts about sleep, to the topic of Autism and it’s reversal: Dr. Patrick Flynn of Green Bay WI, has scientific proof of the cause of Autism and it’s reversal. His book is coming out this September and is a must read. Through the testing of Neuro Science Inc., he has found that these children have multiple toxins in their digestive system which is causing inflammation and sending toxic chemicals to the brain. Remove the toxins, reverse the symtoms. He says the younger the child is to start detoxifying, the greater the chance of reversing symptoms. Beyond 10 years of age, it becomes more difficult to reverse all the symptoms. But with the help of CranioSacral Therapy, the brain can make new pathways where there has been deficiency so that beyond the better years of detoxifying, there is hope of reversing symptoms. Knowing both of these avenues and using them together is KEY to fighting the Autistic spectrum. Great news, everyone!

Where Seratonin Is Stored

Seratonin is stored in two places, the brain and the gut. So if you don’t feel as happy or you’re not sleeping as well, you might want to do a few things to have good gut health…..more on that later.

Melatonin and Seratonin

We also get melatonin from our stores of seratonin, the body’s natural happy neurotransmitter. Seratonin turns into melatonin.

Can’t sleep?

So any of you who are late night snackers or late night TV watchers, there’s a reason why you can’t get back to sleep; the light from the TV and the light from the refrigerator, well….

The pineal gland shut off your melatonin!

The Pineal Gland

The pineal gland starts production of melatonin when it’s dark and shuts production off at the first sight of light.

Welcome to Health Feed

I’m going to start a health info blog on this page. It will be called “Health Feed”.

The first topic is SLEEP….how to get it and how to get enough of it.

First, Melatonin…’s the body’s natural drowsy and it’s made from the pineal gland. More later….

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